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this morning. >> except for the tv reporters. other news, citrus growers across california are trying to limit damage to the crops from the fourth night of freezing temperatures. 28-degree temperatures for a few hours can ruin the fruit. blowers are keeping the airsick lating with wind machines. so far, agricultural officials say crops have escaped significant damage. >> oakland city leaders will make a major announcement of responding to the violent crime problem. last night, a drive-by shooting in east oakland injured five people on top of ten other shootings since friday. five people were hit in a spray of bullets at seminary avenue and walnut creek at 8:00. the mayor is calling for a "state of emergency" to get crime-fighting help from the state. city council member tells abc7
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the news was made during a conference call before the shooting. a spokesperson for the mayor says the public deserve as strong and fast reaction to the violence. >> vice president biden meets with members of the house of representatives to continue talks on reducing gun violence and is joined by attorney general holder and other cabinet members. he'll give president obama a comprehensive package of recommendations tomorrow. lawmakers say the connecticut school shooting transformed the country and americans are ready for stricter gun laws. the national rifle association says it has enough support in congress to block any new laws banning assault weapons. >> four local counties are sponsoring a gun guy back tomorrow and marin county is the drop off point. they raised $40,000 to pay for the weapons. officials say cashing in the firearms is a fitting tribute to nonviolence on martin luther king's birthday on tuesday.
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people can get $200 for a semi-automatic rifle and shotguns and $100 for other firearms. those who turn in violent video games can get up to $10 if there is still money available. locations open tomorrow from 11:00 in the morning until 8:00 p.m. at police stations in the area including st. andrew's church in marin city. >> 25-year-old man accused 6 raping a san francisco woman during a robbery is in custody. he forced his way into the residence on saturday night late. a neighbor called 9-1-1. jones jumped off a balcony but found hiding in the backyard of a home. he faces assault and robbery charges. >> new this woman an audit of agencies in san francisco show one far outpaced the others for racking up overtime. san francisco muni racked up
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more overtime than any other agency going $18 million over budget. the san francisco chronicle reports they beat out police and fire when it came to overtime with ten supervisors making more than $100,000 in overtime boosting their pay to $200,000 last year. one mechanic more than doubled his $106,000 annual salary by making an additional $163,000 in overtime. the chief says that a lot of work was done at night when the trains were not running to get a new train control system working. abc7 will have more in a live report next half hour. >> u.s. postal inspectors hope surveillance video will catch two men who stole mail from at least one apartment building in san francisco. security cameras captured these images of the men in action. the building manager says the two worked together to break in 32 mailboxes and snatched bags of mail.
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the landlord needs to repair the broken looks. this man did not want to share his name. >> they have not changed the looks on the box and they are the only ones that can do it so the resident manager has to personally take the mail and distribute it to each of the tenants. >> investigators say mail often includes important tax documents that could help identify thieves. >> today the san mateo city council will hear both sides on whether a new 7/11 store should be ahowed to stay open on north san mateo drive which was vacant for two years. some fear this will increase crime. they protested before the star opened claiming it violates local zoning laws. the area is zoned for housing although a mom-and-pop italian deli occupied the site under a special exemption. >> it is almost 4:36.
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san jose firefighters are trying to determine the cause of a fire that forced a family from their home. firefighters got the call yesterday afternoon. by the time they got there, all six people in the two-story house including the family dog got out safely. flames gutted the home. officials think it started on the wood shingle roof. crews stayed to guard against the flareups. >> investigators are trying to find the cause of a fire in mountain view that destroyed a mobile home. nothing seems suspicious. firefighters arrived yesterday morning to find the home fully engulfed. the man was out safely and firefighters managed to put out the flames before it could spread. >> san jose sharks? >> they have a noon work out open to the public again at the practice facility. they wasted no time getting back to training catch at the ice facility yesterday a day after the nhl lock out ended officially. they went through the paces in
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front of a packed house. the sharks are preparing for the season opener in calgary on sunday and winning back the fan. >> the sharks are the best fans. sunday was nice. (inaudible). >> i love it. i didn't think it would happen this quickly. when we found out, we were so excited. >> the sharks lay the first home game january 24th hosting phoenix coyotes. >> it has been so cold, i was thinking of dumping water out and inviting the sharks to play out there. >> really in i am sure your son would love that. now, mike, it is warmer this morning? it didn't feel that way when i stepped out. >> warmer this morning. i didn't have problems with my car. the first time in a long time. half moon gay -- one degree
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cooler than an hour ago. eight degrees in san jose and 12 in napa, and east bay valley is three degrees warmer to eight degrees and livermore, as well. the bay shoreline and san francisco has been taken from the freeze warning but the north bay and east bay and santa clara valley and monterey bay so if the pets are inside, keep them in until 9:00. they have to go out once in a while. make sure the plants are covered until at least 9:00. temperatures in the 30's at 7:00. our coldest temperature right now is 28 in walnut creek. hanging around 50 for the afternoon under total sunshine and chilly this evening with upper 30's inland and mid-40's in the bay and coast. temperatures in the mid-50's tomorrow and mid-to-upper 50's by wednesday and a few 60's
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showing up on thursday. >> thanks, mike. if your travels take you to the macarthur maze coming from 580 or 880 from the south, we have smooth sailing here. no problems funneling into the bay bridge and our first look at the toll plaza this morning is light with no problems and no issues on the upper deck. just road work from embarcardero to fruitvale for 20 more minutes. mike has been talking about the really cold temperatures with black ice on highway 92 between skyline boulevard and half moon bay. so take it easy. kristen and eric? >> thank you for the advice. bart has a plan to reduce crowding at two of the busiest stations that could cost you, the rider. >> as you head back to school or work, the critical advise doctors are giving to protect you from the flu. >> first, the tech bytes.
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>> the competition is taking a bite out of apple. the company reportedly is cutting the orders for parts for the iphone 5 because of weak demand for the smartphone. the sales are slowing while samsung's share is increasing. here is another problem for apple, teens say it is no longer cool because adults like apple products but teens want the latest and greatest not a phone that came out when they were in elementary school. now a fix for the security flaw in java that. brother add warning from homeland security. 850 million people use java and this patch is not enough. those are the tech
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>> daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news.
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>> good monday morning at 4:42. the embarcardero in san francisco, the ferry build, still red and blue for the 49er would won. here is the thing, it is very cold out there. you cannot tell from the picture but we have frigid conditions. mike nicco will talk about how long before we warm up this week. >> in the news the corruption trail of six former city officials in the los angeles suburb of bell is underway this week. a 20-count felony complain was handed down against the former mayor and vice mayor and four city council member. an investigation found that the city officials were being paid two to three times the salaries of officials in communes of the same size. the former city manager and assistant city manager will be tried separately. >> the flu epidemic is sweeping the nation and it is only getting worse. california is just starting to see an increase in flu cases but supplies of the vaccine are
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scarce. to protect yourself, wipe down any surfaces in the workplace that are found by numerous co-workers. >> microwave. tv remote. light switch. door handle. keyboard. >> i never thought about the gas pumps but everyone touches it so i can imagine it would be dirty. >> churches are getting in on it and many have church workers wiping down door handels. >> the veterans administration is revealing 700 patients at a v.a. medical center in buffalo, new york, could have been exposed to h.i.v. or hepatitis because of the accidental re-use of insulin over a two-year period in october of 2010. there is a very small risk of infection for those with diabetes who were exposed to the reused device. the f.d.a. is offering free
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blood tests. >> more problems for boeing 787 dreamliner. a japanese crew found more problems with the same boeing 787 dreamliner that spilled fuel in boston. the plane leaked 25 gallons of fuel from a valve on the wing yesterday. the spills are in addition to a small fire that break out on the boeing 787 dreamliner. experts say it is a meat of woring out the bugs but the f.a.a. has a formal investigation. >> there was something seriously wrong with the plane there is no question it would be grounded. that is not the problem. there is nothing seriously wrong. >> we are confident about the safety of this aircraft. >> we are concerned about the incidents and well conduct a review until we are satisfied. >> officials believe the lighter and future official wing is important to the future of aviation. >> overcrowding at bart stations at high commute hours has officials proposing several
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changes at the two eastern most stations including removing banks of pay zones and replacing lark concrete seating with smaller benches. bart is considering charging premium fares at crowded stations saying the platforms need to be expanded in 15 years. >> gasoline prices are rising again. the average price of a glenn -- gallon is up two cents in the past in. aaa says the national average is $3.30 a gallon. in california it is $3.62 and in the bay area gasoline is selling if $3.67 a gallon. >> want a chance to get chose to the san francisco giants world series trophy? in the auditory at the city of richmond can you do it. the tour of the trophies from the world series victories in 2012 and 200 began in sack person to with fans lining up for pictures. after the trip to richmond the trophies are displays in vallejo
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and back to the roots in new york city for the giants and then they go to spring training camp in arizona. >> wipe it down, don't forget, because of the flu. >> who experienced the coldest temperatures of the weekend among us? who do you think? >> we were talking about going to tahoe and our thermometer showed minus six and i thought it was a mistake. no, it was that cold. could not feel my cold, nose, fingers. >> i said it would be two or three below. >> for california, we are so shocked when that happens. >> i understand. you do not get used to that unless you live in the arctic. or minnesota. same thing. >> good morning, everyone, it
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was that cold in the sierra overtime weekend. they will have moderating temperatures through the week. good morning, everyone. from the east bay hills camera, at emeryville to san francisco, we will look at live doppler 7 hd with hardly a cloud. no moisture, either. your skin is probably cracking and very dry. a lot of static electricity in the house unless you have a humidifier running. 31 in santa rosa and concord and san rafael is 32 and freezing and everyone else is above freezing. gilroy and salinas is 31. santa cruz is 33 and 36 in monterey. you have not escaped the chill. chilled sunshine so it will be sunny but cooler and you will have a light breeze today. it will be frosty inland the next couple of mornings and much warmer during the nighttime
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everywhere and in the day. temperatures could be above average this weekend. it has been waiting to get the car wash, this is a good day, but get the doorjambs die before the nighttime hours. a couple of our days were frozen shut on saturday morning. low-to-mid 50's throughout the area, and monterey bay low-to-mid 50's. tonight, we still have frost inland and scattered frost around the bay including oakland and san mateo and half moon bay probably no frost. a couple of areas dropping the temperatures. check out these temperatures on the seven-day outlook, by wednesday, mid-to-upper 50's where we should be. look at the string of 60's for friday, saturday, and sunday.
4:49 am
dry all seven days in the forecast. >> owe first look at the san mateo bridge this morning, light traffic condition, a few brake lights moving toward the high-rise from the flat section but looking at 14 minutes between hayward and fogs -- foster city. string of headlights at marin ymca to central san rafael, smooth sailing to golden gate bridge and from hillcrest to highway 242, it is smooth sailing. from the central valley, nice and at the limit up and over the altamont pass to dublin/pleasanton area. kristen and eric? >> 4:50. >> an outage at the worst time the bay area senior center without hot water for days. >> and keeping watching your children's online contacts a
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study reveals why it is especially critical for pare
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>> welcome back at 4:53. resolution don'ts of a senior housing building have been without hot water for a week ago tuesday. an apartment building in san jose for low income seniors. >> i took a shower last night and half the time it was cold water. it is not even hot water, it is warm. i stopped right away. >> people just don't care. we are old people, who cares about us? >> in a statement e-mailed to abc7 the temporary replacement boiler system was installed last friday and that was the only day the entire building was without hot water. they could say hot water previously was running low during high times.
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>> a pizza restaurant in san francisco has been hit with a fine for noncompliance with the universal health law. the chicago pizza pays $320,000 in a settlement agreement which will provide health care benefits to current and former employees putting a surcharge on checks to pay for worker benefits but the restaurant reportedly used the money on other things. >> animal rescue group will try to capture one of two while turkeys running loose in a san jose neighborhood. this video from emergency services shows the turkeys, naked jake and jenny were spotted at 1st and his 880 around the holidays and jenny is still lose. jake was captured on friday after developing a habit of chasing cars and caused two traffic accidents. he will be re-released away from any neighborhoods. >> car chasing wild turkey? >> try telling that to your
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insurance company. >> right. i don't believe that. sure. whatever you say. >> i was being chased by a wild turkey. sure. okay. now, a check with the forecast. >> like to hear some of the stories. good morning, everyone. here is the weather story: chilly this morning. no doubt. not as cold as yesterday. still, frost to be found out there. dress the kids warmly. our cold this afternoon is antioch and livermore at 49 degrees. everyone else is around 50 to 53 live doppler 7 hd shows everyone is dry. yesterday, tahoe had record cold temperature of 14 degrees below zero. 29 is the high today. near 50 throughout the central valley. mid-50's headed to southern california. >> road work out there right now to report. we have the alameda in san jose,
4:55 am
the ramp to southbound 880 closed until 7:00 this morning and road work south 880 from coleman with lanes block there for a few more minutes and southbound 880 from embarcardero to fruitvale the right lanes until 5:00 a.m. and black ice on highway 90 at half moon bay. >> you need to monitor your teen's online activity but a study shows why it is extra important for girls. researchers studied girl 14 to 17 and they found 30 percent met in person at least one individual who they first met online and at least 20 percent reported some online sexual solicitation. half the girls in the study were victims of abuse or neglect which is more prone to high-risk internet behavior. >> competition at the super bowl could be more fierce outside the
4:56 am
lines with bud and pepsi teaming up against coke according to the journal, e-mail at busch outlines a strategy for the promotion including beer and soda together with pepsi's chips but the products have their separate super bowl commercials. >> a new financial embarrassment for san francisco's muni, the millions in overtime that is shelled out to workers and the one single mechanic who is topping the list. >> bay area schools consider new safety plans in the wake of the connecticut school shooting. the crucial information police the crucial information police in a district will soon kids...
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they'll tell you exactly what they're thinking... especially my niece. the moment she pointed out my moderate to severe chronic plaque psoriasis... well, it was really embarrassing. so i had a serious talk with my dermatologist. this time, she prescribed humira-adalimumab. ps to clea humira helps to clear the surface of my skin
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by actually working inside my body. in clinical trials, most adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis saw 75% skin clearance. and the majority of people were clear or almost clear in just 4 months. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal events, such as infections, lymphoma, or other types of cancer, have happened. blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure have occurred. before starting humira, your doctor should test you for tb. ask your doctor if you live in or have been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. tell your doctor if you have had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have symptoms such as fever, fatigue, cough, or sores. you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection. make the most of every moment. ask your dermatologist about humira, today. clearer skin is possible.
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>> live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> hope you had a great weekend, thanks for joining us. >> glad to be it is -- sitting next to the thawed out kristen sze. >> mike wanted it would be minus something. it was minus six something, and it hit minus 14 overnight! folk like --ing for like that in the bay area. >> not as cold as yesterday morning. that is good news to the start the day. live doppler 7 hd, put the umbrella away you will not need it for seven days. it will be bone dry around here. temperature right now is freezing in santa rosa and concord at 31. and 30 in los gatos and 32 at noto

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